Diabetes is a disease which is known to everybody nowadays. It is to be noted with astonishment that Diabetes attracting global importance as it is the rocking the world as a non infectious epidemic / pandemic. SUGAR is the common name given to Diabetes by an Indian layman .Actually it comprises a group of common metabolic disorder that share the phenotype of hyperglycemia. (Increase level of glucose in blood plasma).Nowadays it is one of the leading cause of morbidity and mortality because Diabetes causes secondary pathophysiologic changes in the multiple organ system. Most likely the complication of Diabetes commonly seen are hypertension; adult blindness; non traumatic lower extremity amputation (diabetic foot syndrome); end stage renal disease (ESRD); neuropathy; sexual dysfunction etc .In the forthcoming days it is presumed to be increasing day by day due to an increase in factors contributing to hyperglycemia which may include dietic irregularities, metabolic dysfunction, lack of exercise, stress , and busy lifestyle.